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Event Faqs



Tickets available at

If you need any further information please reply to this email or read the FAQs below. Please note the venues are being hired and tickets and information is only available from The Robbie Fowler Podcast team.

If you have a question please reply to this email, if it is answered below you may not get a response.

What time will the nights start and finish

Doors are at 6pm and the night will finish around 10pm

I’ve ordered tickets but they haven’t arrived or I’ve not had confirmation.

Don’t worry just contact us and we will get sorted for you, tickets are sent out via post no later than 2 weeks before the event.

What do i get for Meet and Greet tickets

You will not only watch the show but you will meet Robbie in the flesh, get a professional photograph with Robbie that you will be able to take away for free and he will sign.

Can i get items signed

Unfortunately due to Covid and the chances of restrictions changing we aren’t offering an official signing, Robbie is there for the night and getting anything signed will be your own responsibility.

Who are the special guests?

Thats a surprise

What is your refund policy?

Please visit  We don’t offer refunds on tickets but you may resell them or pass them on to someone else.

When you buy a ticket(s) you agree to the T&Cs.

Is there an age restrictions?

No the whole family can come. But please be aware we are not responsible for any adult themes and language that may come up. The show is unscripted.

If i buy a mix of ticket types can we sit toghether?

Yes, the venues are free seatings and you will be able to pick your own seats

What if i test positive for Covid and can’t come?

Unfortunatly you are buying tickets at your own risk, we won’t refund your ticket but you can resell them or give them away.

What if the night is postponed or cancelled?

We will never cancel a night, in the unlikely event of a postponement we will rearrange the nights and reissue tickets. Only if you can’t make the new night will we refund the tickets and after the re arranged night.